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Why plan a leadership transition?

 Transfer of organizational knowledge
 Minimize confusion in changeover
 Helps incoming leadership absorb expertise of outgoing leadership
 Increases knowledge and confidence in new leadership
 Minimizes loss of momentum for the group

What should be transferred?

 Constitution and by-laws
 Organizational goals and objectives
 Role clarifications
 Resources and contact lists
 Financial records and previous events and programming

NOTE: the transfer should not only consist of printed materials.

As you are transferring records to new leadership, consider sharing your student organization records with the library’s Historical & Special Collections.

Outgoing Leadership should:

 Write and share notes containing traditions, ideas or projects.
 Acquaint new leadership with campus, equipment and relevant University staff and faculty, including your groups advisor.
 An effective transition also includes, team building, goal setting and other organizational topics specific to your organization.

How can I learn about my organization’s history?

If you want to research your organization’s historical presence and impact on campus, check out this library guide on using materials in Historical & Special Collections. If your organization is not included here, it probably means that no one from your org has donated in the past! The Record and yearbooks are likely to have some information, too. If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to reach out to the archivists at for suggestions about how and where to search.