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Student organizations are strongly encouraged to collaborate on events. Co-sponsorships are a great way to expand your network and build relationships with other organization leaders and groups, gain access to more funding, and increase attendance at events.

For a co-sponsored event, the treasurer from one of the participating organizations must account for all expenses pertaining to the event and provide this information to the Dean of Students Office. In addition, the treasurer from each of the participating organizations must confirm their contribution by sending an email to and

After the event has taken place, all itemized receipts from the event and a completed reimbursement form must be submitted to the Dean of Students Office within one week of the event. All funding for internal expenses (e.g. Restaurant Associates, Media Services, Copy Center, etc.) will be transferred electronically.

Please note that funding for groups at Harvard, including many within HLS, comes from a wide array of sources. Because of IRS restrictions, the sources of each of these funds must be kept separate and accounted for independently.