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Submit this request in EMS when you reserve space.

  • Submit a brief blurb for your event. Include any speaker names/titles and what food, if any, will be available.
  • It is important to get on the public calendar ASAP so other groups are aware of your event.


Print 11” x 17” posters and hang them up on the approved bulletin boards. Please review the Bulletin and Chalkboard Policy for more information.

  • Only thumbtacks are permitted – do not staple, tape, or otherwise adhere/affix notices.
  • Only official HLS organizations may post on the bulletin boards.
  • Posters are removed the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month.
  • Canva is a free graphic design platform you can use to make posters.
  • DOS will print up to 20 posters for free. Email an 11” x 17” PDF to
  • The HLS Copy Center can print professional posters for important events. Email for pricing and submit your project needs here.


Classrooms in Austin, Hauser, Pound, and WCC (first two floors) can be chalked with a short blurb on your event that includes: the speaker(s), their titles, the time and location of the event, and the food that will be served. Please see the Bulletin and Chalkboard Policy for more information.

  • Chalkboards are exclusively reserved for use by official HLS student organizations and journals.
  • All classrooms and chalkboards are cleaned following each class, with one exception – if the classroom is equipped with a side chalkboard, student messages on those side chalkboards are left up until the following Sunday.
  • Student organizations should not chalk or mark sidewalks, walls, or any other surface.


Create a Facebook event and invite your friends at HLS.

Campus Video Screens

To advertise your event on the HLS video screens, email with a high resolution JPG. The dimensions must be 860 pixels (width) by 564 pixels (height).


Send personal invitations to people you think would be interested.

*IMPORTANT: In accordance with the Bulletin and Chalkboard Policy and MA state law, student organizations cannot advertise an “open bar,” “happy hour,” or pictures/drawings of alcoholic beverages on advertisements.