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I. For programs related to:

  • Recruiting/Job Search/On-campus interviewing
  • Interviewing and Networking Skills
  • Professional Development

Employers coming on campus to speak on these topics shall do so only through an OCS and/or OPIA organized event. Student groups may suggest additional programs on these topics with OCS and/or OPIA and OCS and/or OPIA may choose to work with a student group to organize additional events on these topics.

Please note that this restriction does not apply to student-only events (e.g., where 2Ls/3Ls give advice to 1Ls with no firm or organizational involvement). However, when planning such events, student groups should do their best to avoid conflicts with previously scheduled OCS and/or OPIA events, and use best efforts to avoid duplication of programs.

II. For programs related to:

  • Practice Areas
  • Practice Settings
  • Practice Trends/Current Events
  • Diversity Issues in the Legal Profession

Student groups must inform their OCS and/or OPIA liaison by email in advance of any plans for a program, to avoid duplication of efforts or conflicts, stating (1) the firms/organizations involved, and (2) the title/subject matter of the program. OCS and OPIA will keep track of firm/organizational presence on campus.

OCS and OPIA Co-Sponsorship/Publicity: OCS and/or OPIA may choose to co-sponsor an event or help publicize an event in this category on an ad hoc basis depending on the subject matter of the program. There is a stronger likelihood of co-sponsorship if (1) OCS and/or OPIA have been involved in the planning process from an early stage; (2) there is no conflict with a previously-scheduled OCS and/or OPIA event if the event will attract a similar audience; (3) the program features more than one employer; and (4) the event is hosted by a student group that does not consistently plan events that conflict with OCS and/or OPIA events or duplicate programs offered by OCS and/or OPIA.

For off-campus programs and events:

  • Student groups may not organize off-campus events on topics identified in Section I, including employer receptions and mixers. Excluded from this prohibition are programs that are open exclusively to group members and events that are marketed exclusively as job fairs.
  • Student groups may organize off-campus events on topics identified in Section II. Students are not required to seek OCS/OPIA approval, but are required to notify OCS and/or OPIA in advance of such events.

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