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The Program for Visits at Other Law Schools is available for  HLS students who desire to study out of residence, at another ABA accredited law school, due to personal hardship. In order to participate in this program, you must petition the HLS Administrative Board, through the Dean of Students Office.

General Policies:

  1. The application deadline for both programs is the end of January Term.
  2. Before planning a visit, make sure you have an audit of your credits and what you must complete by third year.

Applying to visit away from Harvard Law School:

  1. Petition the Administrative Board via email to the Dean of Students (send email to dos @ law) explaining your reasons for wanting to spend your year at another school. Please include the following information:
    • The school(s) you wish to visit
    • Your plans to complete the professional responsibility requirements
  2. Contact the other law school to determine their criteria for allowing visits (contingent on HLS Administrative Board approval).
  3. Once accepted, your courses and academic program at the other school must be approved in advance by the Associate Registrar.

For additional Financial Aid information about the program, please visit Student Financial Services.

Applying to visit Harvard Law School:

  1. Send a letter/e-mail to the Administrative Board with an explanation of the reasons you want to spend your third year at Harvard Law School. Address your letter to the secretary of the Administrative Board:
    Dean of Students Office
    1585 Massachusetts Ave Suite 3039
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    dos @ law
  2. Please include a certified transcript from your home law school.

Please note that students visiting Harvard Law School as part of the Visiting Program will receive their law degrees from their home law school and will be subject to the academic rules of their home institution as well as those of Harvard Law School.

Decisions on the Visiting Program will be made in early April.