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Create and Access a Listserv

  • Find Listservs here.
  • The user name and password is the same as those for your email account. Similarly, if you are updating the listserv for your student organization, the user name and password would be the same as your student.

Create and Update a Website

  • Contact the DOS Web Coordinator or come by the Dean of Students Office in WCC 3039.
  • Read through the Use of Name policy from our Trademark Office.
  • Renew the website information each Spring with new leadership information.

Create and Update an Email Account

  • Sign up for an email account
  • Sign in to your email account using Gmail. Click here for general instructions on how to use Gmail.
  • Change the password to your email account (ITS can reset the password for your email account).
  • Renew your email address – Many student organization email accounts are set to expire annually on October 31. Contact the Dean of Students Office to renew your account.

Harvard University Policy on Access to Electronic Information

Effective March 31, 2014, Harvard established a policy that sets out guidelines and processes for University access to user electronic information stored in or transmitted through the University system. This policy applies to all Schools and units of the University.

Policy on Access to Electronic Information