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HLS Event Scheduling Update

Please note that, due to COVID-19, HLS is not holding any events on campus at the moment and that our EMS room reservation system is not accepting any new reservations at this time. The duration of this hold is uncertain but this message will be updated as the situation changes. Please review our guidance for virtual events here.

If your journal chooses to host a conference or symposium, please let the Sheena in the Student Journals Office know immediately. She can assist you throughout the entire process of planning your conferences, including requesting space, ordering food, arranging travel for your guests, etc. When you meet with Sheena you should have a proposed date and budget, but this can be further discussed as you flesh out the details.

Some general guidelines for planning a conference or symposium are:

Setting a date

  • Consider whether you’d like your conference to happen in the fall or spring. The spring tends to fill up pretty quickly with all of the events on campus, and there tends to be fewer conflicts in the fall.
  • Once you’ve picked a date, get it on the calendar! You can do this through Sheena, or by sending an e-mail to


Before beginning any fundraising effort, you must meet with the Dean of Students Office and review our Alumni Office Procedures. We will place you in contact with the Development Office and review the guidelines for reporting the funds. Funds raised through outside sources must be used for the specific event for which they were raised.

HLS and Harvard University limit solicitation of alumni for funds. Any request for funds from HLS or Harvard alumni, or from law firms requires the advance approval of the Law School Development Office. Please contact Sara Bell with questions.

Inviting a speaker

  • Extend an invitation to the individual(s) you would like to speak
  • If the person is a head of state, head of government, cabinet minister, or high American official or leader, or can be considered “famous,” let Sheena know as soon as possible about contacting the university marshal’s office. For more info on the marshal’s office, visit

Why contact the university marshal?

  • To make sure that another group or school has not invited the same person and make sure that once your organization extends an invitation, no other group sends a competing invitation.
  • In certain cases, the president of Harvard or Dean Manning may want to invite the person and the marshal can help determine that. In those cases, it will help your organization because some speakers will be more likely to come if they receive an invitation from the president or dean.
  • If the speaker or any of the invited guests needs accommodations for a disability, please contact Carolyn Hubbard ( in the Dean of Students Office.

Reserve a room or rooms

Reserve A/V

Contact Media Services to reserve a microphone, equipment for showing a powerpoint presentation or a film. There is also a price list available.

Security/police detail

High profile or controversial speakers—many high profile speakers will bring their own security details (supreme court judges, celebrities, etc.) But if you have any concerns at all about needing extra security, let Sheena know. She can help you make decisions on requesting extra security detail for your event. If you decide you need extra security, notify the Harvard Police of your event to request a detail officer.

Publicize the event

  • Public and community calendar – announcements on the calendar feed into news@law and the events screen in the hark concourse. The form for putting an event on the calendar has been incorporated into the room reservation form. Or send an e-mail to
  • Postering – there are bulletin boards throughout the tunnels for postering. Sheena can help you design posters, or put you in contact with the Communications office.
  • Stuff student mail boxes (please note that boxes marked with a red dot can only be stuffed with flyers from Harvard Law School organizations.)
  • Chalk blackboards in classrooms

Reimbursing speakers

If the student organization has sufficient funding to cover expenses for a speaker, the speaker may be reimbursed directly. As with all reimbursements, the speaker must submit original receipts and a completed universal expense form (available from the student journals office).

  • It is beneficial to complete this form while the speaker is on campus. The conference organizer/chair should complete as much of the form as possible and get any additional information, including a signature, while the speaker is on campus.
  • The conference organizer/chair should collect receipts, or have the speaker send original receipts after the trip is complete to Sheena.
  • The treasurer may also want to have the speaker sign a Missing Receipt Affidavit in the event that a receipt is lost.

If you have questions regarding reimbursing a speaker, please contact Sheena ( before the event begins.