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We are fortunate to work with one of the leading printers of law journals in the world, Joe Christensen, Inc. Out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Our customer service representatives are Katie Smith ( and Gayle Smith (, though you’ll be in contact with Katie during most of your work during the publishing phase of the journal. In keeping on track with your production schedule, making sure you are thoroughly editing and checking each proof you receive, you should feel confident that Christensen will assist you in publishing and printing the highest quality journals in a timely manner.

Katie’s Contact information at Christensen is:

1540 Adams St. Lincoln, NE 68521
Phone: 800-228-5030
Fax: 402-476-3094

She is extremely reliable and can be reached via e-mail and telephone during regular business hours. Remember that Lincoln has a one hour time difference—if you phone her at 6pm EST, she may not receive your call in time, although you can refer your questions to any one of
The representatives who answer your call at JCI, or contact Sheena via e-mail or phone for any emergencies after regular business hours.

Also remember that JCI prints the law journals for over 20 of the leading law schools in the country—over 110 titles along with countless other legal journals and publications. The earlier you communicate your publication schedule with Katie, the better service JCI can provide.

Most of our journals are Full Composition Journals. For more information on Full Composition service and the publishing process, we’ll leave it to the experts at JCI. The following is excerpted directly from their manual, and printed here with permission of Joe Christensen, Inc.

Click here to download the Christensen guide in PDF format.