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In order to more effectively communicate when events and programs are hosted on the HLS campus, the Dean of Students Office has developed the following posting policy. The intent of the policy is to curtail abuse and ensure that everyone has equal access to the bulletin board and chalking locations.

Bulletin Boards:

  • Approved postings include those from officially recognized student organizations, journals and University departments and administrators for programs benefiting the Harvard Law School community. Materials posted by any unofficial or external groups, corporations, organizations or individuals will be removed.
  • A poster is defined as a flyer, notice or other material that is intended to disseminate information to the HLS community.
  • All postings must identify the event, the event sponsor, the time and date of the event and provide a point of contact.
  • Postings are only permitted on the provided bulletin board space – all others will be removed. Materials may not be posted on doors, walls, glass, wood, tile, metal, painted surfaces. In addition, no items may be posted in the bathroom stall sign holders, which are reserved for and maintained by the DOS office. Materials may not be distributed door-to-door or by placing literature on parked vehicles.
  • Only thumbtacks are permitted – do not staple, tape, or otherwise adhere/affix notices.


  • Chalkboards are exclusively reserved for use by HLS officially recognized student organizations and journals. Chalking posted by any unofficial or external groups, corporations, organizations or individuals will be erased.
  • All classrooms and chalkboards are cleaned following each class, with one exception – if the classroom is equipped with a side chalkboard, student messages on those side chalkboards are left up until the following Sunday.
  • Classrooms with side chalkboards designated for student use will be cleaned on Sunday evening.
  • Student organizations should not chalk or otherwise mark sidewalks, walls, or any other surface.

All users of bulletin & chalkboards are expected to respect the materials posted by other individuals and organizations. Removing, posting, or writing over and erasing other active postings is not permitted.

Bulletin & Chalkboard spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Individuals or groups posting or chalking are responsible for their removal within 24 hours after a publicized event has taken place.

Posting content that is deemed defamatory or inappropriate by the Dean of Students Office may be removed and the organization responsible for the poster may be deemed in violation of the Bulletin & Chalkboard Policy. The poster or chalking is subject to immediate removal and the organization is subject to dissolution procedures. Improper content includes but is not limited to: drug or alcohol paraphernalia, slanderous remarks that do not contribute to or facilitate open and welcoming events geared toward community-building and substantive, constructive dialogue.

The Dean of Students Office reserves the right to remove any posted item.