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Online Gift Credit Card Form

To give to a Harvard Law School Student Organization or Student Journal use this online form.

Gift Checks

Student organizations and journals are restricted from depositing any gift checks directly into their HUECU accounts. All gift checks must be processed through the Harvard Law School Alumni Center in order to comply with Section 170(f)(8) of the Internal Revenue Code.

If the Dean of Students Office concludes that a deliberate violation of this policy has occurred, the student(s) from that particular student organization or journal may be subject to disciplinary proceedings before the Administrative Board.

All checks shall be made payable to: Harvard University Presidents and Fellows of Harvard College.

Sponsors shall be instructed to mail gifts checks as follows:

[Student Organization Name]

Attn: Dianne Ribeirinha-Braga


[HLS Journal Name]

Attn: Sheena Prosper

Harvard Law School – Dean of Students Office

1585 Massachusetts Ave., WCC 3rd Floor, Suite 3039

Cambridge, MA02138

To ensure the correct recipient is awarded the gift, the student organization or journal name must appear in the memo of the check. The check shall also be accompanied with a letter stating the recipient name.

In the event that a check is received at another address, it is imperative that both the check and the mailing envelope be submitted to DOS for processing. Tax regulations require the submission of the envelope.  Without the envelope, the donor will not receive a tax benefit.

All treasurers are notified by Dianne Ribeirinha-Braga when gift checks are received by DOS.

Gift via Bank Wire Tranfer

You can also send a gift via bank wire transfer using the instructions on this form.