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HLS Event Scheduling Update

Please note that, due to COVID-19, HLS is not holding any events on campus at the moment and that our EMS room reservation system is not accepting any new reservations at this time. The duration of this hold is uncertain but this message will be updated as the situation changes. Please review our guidance for virtual events here.

Student organizations and journals must petition the Dean of Students Office for permission to co-sponsor an event with a non-affiliated group. Non-affiliated groups are restricted from using HLS student organizations or journals as a means to gain access to HLS facilities (this is referred to as “fronting”). Student organizations working with non-affiliated groups should ensure the event is predominantly planned, financed, and directed by HLS student leaders.

Student organizations or journals that are co-sponsoring an event must work with the Office of Event Scheduling and Support as well as the Dean of Students Office to ensure that the proper event support logistics are arranged. Financing for any co-sponsored event must reside with the HLS student organization. Proceeds from ticket sales (on site or online), contracts, and other expenses must be routed through the HLS student organization account. Money cannot be collected by the non-HLS organization.

Student leaders directing co-sponsored events must be present from start to finish and available to resolve any issues with HLS support staff.

If any of the following become apparent to HLS staff, the event in question will be reviewed by the Dean of Students Office. If fronting is discovered, the event may be cancelled and the student organization may have to pay event support fees, lose the ability to book space, or lose their student organization status.

  • The student organization is not in control of their event
  • The event is advertised on a non-HLS website
  • Finances and revenue are not running through the student organization account
  • The student organization is not aware of event details/logistics

*If you have any questions or concerns about your event, please email Samantha Parker in DOS at to avoid any possible instances of fronting.