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Student Practice Organizations are overseen and supported by their supervising attorney and affiliated clinic (when applicable) in conjunction with the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs (OCP). SPOs should follow the general rules governing student organizations at HLS in addition to their legal practice responsibilities. Please contact us any time you are seeking guidance, having difficulties, or brainstorming new ideas.

COVID 2021-2022:  We expect to have as much clinical and SPO work be in-person as possible. HLS and each SPO will continue to adapt and refine its plans in accordance with federal, state, local and University public health guidance.  Please see the HLS Covid page.

Running your SPO

Running your SPO

There are several steps your SPO will need to take in order to plan for the year ahead and close-out the end of each year. These steps will ensure that your SPO provides quality legal services, a good experience for your members, and complies with HLS and OCP policies.


Resources for SPOs

Resources for SPOs

Event Guidance

Fall 2021 FAQs for SPOs – Please refer to the Return to Campus page for the most up-to-date information.

  • Can I have events and meetings for my student organization? EMS will be open on September 29 for booking Events starting on Monday, October 4. You are allowed to book rooms for your SPO for larger social or recruiting events on-campus at that time.  You are allowed to have board, supervision, and client meetings in your SPO suite or in the clinical conference rooms, and otherwise meet to do your SPO legal work.  And you are allowed to book events off-campus.
  • Am I allowed to bring outside speakers/visitors to campus? We assume most speakers will be virtual this year. Authorized visitors are those whose physical presence is key to critical operations, research, teaching, or related activities.  Please read this policy carefully. You will have responsibility as a host, and hosts must complete this questionnaire at least two days before the event is to take place.  Further guidance will be provided by your supervisor regarding client visitors. Also note that you can use your SPO budget to reimburse for speaker travel expenses and to pay for trainings and workshops. Otherwise, honorarium are not allowed.
  • Can I have food at my meetings or events? You may order food for meetings or events as  1) “grab and go,” meaning you have the meeting or event first and then can take the food to an outdoor location after the event is over or 2) choose an outdoor location to hold an event or meeting. As a reminder, NO food or drinks are permitted in HLS classrooms or in clinic/SPO workspaces.

Beginning Monday, October 4 there is no food provided for remote/virtual meetings.

  • Can I have events or meetings at off campus venues?  You may have events at off-campus venues ONLY if they are outside. As an example, you may have a meeting at Felipe’s roof top but not inside the restaurant. Please sign the receipt ledger verifying that you ate outside. Please also review the HLS Alcohol Policy.

Virtual Event Planning 101

Review the HLS Office of Event Scheduling and Support (OES) 101 guide to virtual event planning with helpful tips and tricks to make your next virtual event a success.

Each SPO has a Zoom webinar license for up to 500 attendees tied to its group email account.

Legal Research – Library Support

Each SPO has a dedicated liaison at the HLS Library who is available to help you:

  • Develop a research plan
  • Identify relevant print and on-line sources
  • Develop efficient research skills
  • Navigate library collections and services
  • Identify tools and resources to support your research projects and organize your research

Please contact your liaison for help.

Managing your SPO website, email, and Listservs

  • Listservs – Almost all of the SPOS have a listserv via the HLS listserv platform. Take a look at all of the lists before requesting a new one.  To request a new list or to assign administrative permissions to your current list, submit an incident to the HLS HelpDesk and put Lee Mestre in the “Watch List” who can chime in to approve your access request.
  • Zoom accounts and Webinar license – Each SPO has a group Zoom account.  The login at  is tied to the SPO group email address.  Contact former leadership and/or your SPO administrator for the password.  Change the password as necessary.

Technology Resources

The HLS IT Department can help SPOs deliver legal practice technologies that allow staff and students the hands-on experience necessary to become highly skilled lawyers.  Your SPO administrator and supervising attorney will assist your team in accessing these resources.

Promotional Materials and Logos

Students are permitted to use the name of an SPO on merchandise and promotional materials only with the approval of the Harvard Trademark Program. If you are interested in purchasing t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. please first review the guidelines and process from the Trademark Office in advance of your order.  Submit the logo design to for approval as a first step.  The Trademark Office will then review your design and have a list of approved vendors.  It is recommended to keep confirmations of logo approvals for future orders.

Mental Health Resources

Harvard offers students comprehensive outpatient care for a wide variety of mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, stress/crisis management, transitional issues, grief, and eating, sexual or relationship concerns. Students do not need a referral from their primary care physician to make an appointment with Counseling and Mental Health Services. Students should call 617-495-2042 or log into the Patient Portal to schedule an initial telephone consultation. Students can expedite appointments by asking Dean of Students office to make a referral.

  • Harvard University Health Services – Find a Mental Health Professional 
  • CAMHS and Harvard Law School Helping Students Seek Help (PDF)
  • Support Resources Poster (PDF)

    HLS Dean of Students Office

    Contact Lakshmi Clark, (617.496.2437) Director of Student Services, to expedite referrals to University Mental Health services; for disability or illness related accommodations for classes and exams; and any other questions or emergencies.

    HLS Student Mental Health Association

    Harvard Student Mental Health Association – Provides support and community right at the student level. SMHA works to incorporate discussions about mental illness in our daily lives on campus, raising awareness of what mental illness means for those who live with it, as well as what resources already exist though UHS and DOS.

    Harvard University Emergency Contact Information

    Mental Health Clinic: 617-495-2042
    After Hours Urgent Care: 617-495-5711

    Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers

    Free and confidential lawyer assistance program for attorneys and law students in Massachusetts. Can also help with state bar admission questions, and other concerns. For short-term individual consultations contact Barbara Bowe, LICSW at 1-800-LCL-0210 or

    Peer Recovery Support Groups, Wednesdays 7:30 am – 8:15 am, 1585 Mass Ave, WCC 3008 in the 12-step tradition (anonymous), for lawyers and law students in or seeking recovery from alcohol/drug problems

    Law Lifeline An online mental health resource specifically for law school students.

    Social Worker Contact at University Health Services

    Marla Allisan is the social worker at University Health Services who is working with HLS students.

Policies & Professional Responsibility

Policies & Professional Responsibility

Every student approved for work with an SPO should recognize and work within the limits of their competence; ask for help from a supervisor when necessary; accurately represent their role as a student attorney; and ensure they are supervised appropriately for any legal task they perform.

SPO students must also be familiar with and comply with all HLS policies and all aspects of Professional Responsibility. Please review these with your Supervising Attorney:




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Associate Director (OCP)
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