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Similar to mutual funds, pooled income funds are trust funds into which donors’ contributions are pooled and invested. Harvard currently has three pooled funds, each with a specific investment objective (income, long-term growth, balanced). The minimum gift to a Harvard pooled income fund is $25,000.

Gifts to one of the pooled income funds will entitle you (or your beneficiary) to a pro rata share of the income of the fund for your life. At the end of the last income beneficiary’s lifetime, Harvard Law School will use the principal in accordance with the terms of your gift.


The Harvard Life Return Fund
seeks a sustained high rate of income over the long term. Minimum beneficiary age is 50.

The Harvard Balanced Fund
offers a moderate level of current income as well as opportunities for long-term growth of principal and income. Minimum beneficiary age is 40.

The Harvard Growth Fund
generates a modest immediate income in order to seek greater long-term growth of principal and income through investing in domestic stocks. Minimum beneficiary age is 25.

For more information, please contact Harvard Law School’s Planned Giving Staff at 617-384-9932 or