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The Winter Writing Program (WWP) is a great way to have time to focus exclusively on an Option 1 paper. Participants in the Winter Term Writing Program devote the winter term to the intensive research and/or writing of a paper under the supervision of a Law School faculty member or an instructor with a Harvard Law School teaching appointment. Participation in the program is in lieu of taking a Law School course for the winter term.

Please note: LL.M. students should visit the Graduate Program’s LL.M. Winter Term Writing page for more information, including requirements, processes, and deadlines.

What is the deadline to register for Winter Written Work?
How do I register for Option 1 Winter Written Work?
How many writing credits do I need to enroll in for the Winter Term?
How long does an Option 1 Winter paper have to be?
How do I find someone to supervise my Option 1 paper?
What are the responsibilities of my faculty supervisor?
When is my Winter Writing project due?
How are winter term Option 1 papers graded?
If I plan to register for Winter Writing, do I need to participate in the Winter Elective registration round?
Will participation in the WWP fulfill my Written Work Requirement?