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The Klemens von Klemperer Prize Fund was established in 2013 by the von Klemperer family as a tribute to the late Professor Klemens von Klemperer and his many decades of dedication to teaching and motivating students. The fund provides support for the Klemens von Klemperer Prize, to be awarded annually to the HLS student who writes the most compelling essay on the subject of Resistance. A broad range of issues and ideas are encouraged, including interdisciplinary links to subjects outside the strict study of the law such as History, Literature, Religion, Art, Philosophy, and Technology as well as issues of Resistance as they arise in other countries or involve international relations.

2018 Recipients

Adrienne Spiegel, J.D. 2019, After Charlottesville, Dissent Comes Home to Roost: Recharacterizing the ACLU Employees’ Ersatz Critique of Rights as a Strategic Attempt to Shift the ACLU’s Mission

Past Recipients

2017 Recipients

Esamadeen Ibrahim, J.D. 2017, Civic Federalism as a Defense Mechanism in the Trump Era

Nathan MacKenzie, J.D. 2017, Offensive and Unconstitutional Legal and Political Strategies for Defeating President Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban

2016 Recipients

Louis Fisher, J.D. 2016, Civil Disobedience as Legal Ethics: Cause Lawyers and the Tension Between Morality and “Lawyering Law”