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Students interested in a possible career in corporate law should, as suggested previously, strongly consider one or more of the following related areas.

Negotiation/Mediation/ADR: A common and important function of corporate practitioners is to represent clients in negotiations and settlements with other corporations, employees, and government agencies. Students interested in corporate law should consider taking one of HLS’s many courses and workshops in negotiations and related fields.

Employment/Labor LawIntellectual Property Law, and International Law (especially finance and trade) are areas of the law that all business lawyers encounter from time to time, and which some corporate lawyers encounter routinely. Students preparing for a business law practice should consider taking one or more representative courses in these fields.

Law and Economics: Economic analysis is also an important element of business. Students should consider taking one or more of the Law School’s law-and-economics offerings, such as taught by Professor Shavell. Also, as noted, economics-oriented seminars at HLS usually devote attention to corporate and related research topics.

Regulatory Law/Regulation: Although not limited to corporate law problems, Administrative Law is valuable to corporate lawyers who will find it important to understand the processes of law-making and application by the executive and independent regulatory agencies, as well as the forces that influence how regulators behave and the evolution of regulatory regimes.