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Submission Requirements and Deadlines

  1. The 2020-2021 Writing Prizes submission window opens on March 15, 2021. To submit a paper for prize consideration, students should complete and submit the online submission form.
    HLS Writing Prize Submission Form
  2. The deadline, without possibility for extension, for most prize submissions is 5:00pm EDT on May 3, 2021. Please note the prizes with special deadline and/or submission instructions below.
  3. Nominating statements from faculty/instructors supervising the paper, where required for submission as detailed in the prize description, should be emailed by the faculty/instructor to
  4. If you are submitting a paper for consideration of the Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Law & Social Change, note that the paper must include an abstract that states how the paper addresses the relationship between law and social change. Papers without such an abstract will not be considered for the prize.
  5. The Program on Biblical Law and Christian Legal Studies will award two prizes for the best student papers in the following categories: 1. Biblical Law or 2. Judeo-Christian Legal Thought/The Intersection of Faith & Law. On the writing prize submission form, please designate which category fits your submission best. Eligible papers will be those written under faculty/instructor supervision or recommended by faculty/instructor. Students who submit papers written without faculty supervision must include a cover letter stating their efforts in securing such supervision – including faculty members that were approached.
  6. Submissions for the following prizes are NOT collected by the Office of Academic Affairs and must be submitted in accord with the process and deadlines noted below:
    • Yong K. Kim ’95 Memorial Prize: Papers are due by 5pm EDT on May 3, 2021. Please submit one electronic copy of your paper via email to Mike Zaisser.
    • John M. Olin Prize in Law and Economics: This is a $2,000 prize awarded for an outstanding paper written by an HLS student analyzing a legal topic from an economic perspective. Prior to submitting a paper for consideration, a student must request that the professor under whom the paper was written email a statement of evaluation of the paper directly to Professor Steven Shavell by the deadline below. Upon fulfillment of that requirement, the paper should be submitted by email to Irina Goldina, Program Administrator, by midnight on Friday, April 23, 2021. The prize is generally awarded in May. For further information, please contact Irina Goldina.

Paper Requirements

  1. Only one paper may be submitted for one prize per form. If you would like to submit the same paper for another prize, please complete and submit a separate form. If you would like to submit a different paper for a prize, please complete and submit a separate form.
  2. Please be sure your name does NOT appear on the paper itself.
  3. Please save and upload your paper as a PDF file with the file naming convention: “Last Name, First Name_Prize Name_Paper Title
  4. Only papers submitted by students enrolled at HLS during the 2020-2021 academic year will be considered for the school’s writing prizes. Papers must have been written and completed by students during their period of enrollment at HLS and under the supervision of an HLS faculty member/appointed instructor. Joint papers are eligible, but all authors must have been current HLS students when the paper was written.
  5. Papers that have been edited by others in preparation for submission to a journal or previously submitted to a journal may not be submitted for a student writing prize in edited form. Such papers may be considered for prizes only if an original, unedited version of the paper is available.
  6. Unless otherwise noted, students may submit multiple papers for a single prize and may submit a single paper for multiple prizes. However, each paper is eligible to win only one of the prizes for which it is submitted. This rule applies to winning papers submitted in a prior year.
  7. Nominating statements from faculty/instructors supervising the paper, where required for submission as detailed in the prize description, should be emailed by the faculty/instructor to

Winning Papers

  1. The name and paper title of all prize winners will be published on the HLS Website by June 1, 2021.
  2. The names of graduating prize winners and prizes won will be listed in the Commencement Program. Please note: non-graduating prize winners’ names will be listed in the Commencement Program in the year they graduate.
  3. Prize-winning papers may be published online in the School’s DASH student-paper repository.
  4. If a prize has more than one winner, the prize money will be divided.

Please contact April Pettit in the Office of Academic Affairs, with any questions about HLS student writing prizes.