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Papers are by 5:00pm EDT on May 3, 2021. For more details, see the prize submission instructions.

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Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Bankruptcy
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Mark Roe
Special Instructions: To be considered, papers must be accompanied by a nomination from the faculty supervisor. Nominations should be emailed directly to Professor Roe as well as to

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Constitutional Law: Separation of Powers, Federalism, and the Fourteenth Amendment
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Mark Tushnet

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Environmental Law
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Richard Lazarus

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Family Law
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Janet Halley

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Legal History
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Bruce Mann

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Intellectual Property
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Terry Fisher

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Law and Social Change
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Alan Jenkins
Special Instructions: To be eligible for this prize, the central theme of the paper must be the relationship between law and social change. For example, the paper might concern the ways in which a particular legal regime has facilitated or hindered social change, the ways in which advocates have used law to advance their vision of social change, or proposals for law reform designed to advance a particular vision of social change. The paper submission must include an abstract that states how the paper addresses the relationship between law and social change. Papers without such an abstract will not be considered for the prize.