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Harvard University I.D. (HUID) cards are the property of Harvard University and are intended for University purposes only. HUID cards are required for admission to most Harvard activities and facilities including libraries, museums, dining halls, athletic buildings, and student residences.

Every student is responsible for his or her HUID card and the consequences of its misuse. HUID cards are not transferable; a student may not allow any other person to use his or her HUID card for any purpose.

A student who alters or falsifies his or her HUID card or produces or distributes false identification cards of any kind is subject to disciplinary action. Lost cards should be reported immediately to Harvard University Identification and Data Services. Students must hand over their HUID card or otherwise identify themselves upon request to any properly identified officer of the University. Surrendered HUID cards will be transmitted immediately to I.D. Card Services. More information about HUID cards for new Law School students is available from the Office of the Registrar and at the Campus Service Center.