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Each student is personally responsible for payment of his or her e-bill. For J.D. students, a monthly payment plan is available as an alternative to full payment on a specified date, the terms of which are available by calling the University Student Financial Services Office at 617-495-2739 or at the University Student Financial Services website. The monthly payment plan is not available to LL.M. or S.J.D. students.

Students who are not current in their e-bill payments will not be allowed to register for courses in the spring or to enroll in the Law School at the start of the academic year. All services of the Registrar will be withheld for students who have outstanding financial obligations to the University.

Students who become delinquent in their e-bill payments after registration are assessed a $250 late fee and will be reported to the Law School’s Administrative Board. Absent a finding of extraordinary circumstances, such as a serious medical or personal emergency or other special circumstances supported by appropriate administrative officials, the Administrative Board, as a general matter, will cancel the registration of delinquent students. A student whose registration has been canceled is not eligible to take exams and will not earn credits for the term.

University policy dictates that degree candidates who have failed to pay all e-bill charges by the date specially established for graduating students will not be voted a degree by the governing boards of the University.

Students who leave the University for any reason must pay all charges immediately upon notice from the University Student Accounts Office. A student who leaves the University without paying outstanding charges is not eligible to be considered for readmission until all financial obligations to the University have been fully satisfied. Any student who leaves the University with an amount due on their student bill that is unpaid for sixty days or more may be subject to collection activities. The costs associated with collecting an unpaid account will be added to the student’s outstanding billing amount and must be paid in full.

Questions regarding payment of e-bills should be directed to J.D.Student Financial Services in WCC 5027 for J.D. candidates and to the Graduate Program Financial Aid Office in WCC 5005 for those in the LL.M. and S.J.D. programs.