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Libraries and other facilities normally may be used only by students who are currently registered. Students on leave may not participate in extracurricular activities.  Exceptions to this rule must be specifically approved in advance by the School.  If so instructed by the Dean of Students, a student on leave must remain away from the University campus. Students going on leave are reminded that all degree candidates, whether currently registered or not, are expected to maintain a satisfactory standard of conduct. Following an individualized assessment, the School may require students who are on leave for medical reasons to comply with a treatment plan during their time away.

1. Other Administrative Matters

a) Computer accounts. Unless otherwise specified, student email accounts will remain active during the time for which the leave has been confirmed. With the exception of joint, coordinated, and concurrent degree students, student access to Westlaw and Lexis will be cancelled until the student returns from leave.

b) Access to Harvard Resources. Depending on the type of leave, students may not have access to:

HLS student organizations
Active Harvard University I.D. card
Library and library services, including Westlaw and Lexis
Financial aid
Harvard housing/Dormitories
Teaching fellowships
Information Technology Services
Other Harvard University services