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  1. Requesting a leave: Students in joint degree programs must request a leave of absence from the Law School for the year or semester in which they are fully enrolled in the non-HLS school. In order to request a leave, joint degree, coordinated J.D./Ph.D., and concurrent degree students should complete the Leave of Absence Request form available online, and in hard copy in the Dean of Students Office, the Student Financial Services Office, and the Office of the Registrar.
  2. Coordinated J.D./Ph.D. Program: Students participating in the coordinated J.D./Ph.D., in addition to completing the Leave of Absence Request form, should contact the Assistant Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs.
  3. Administrative matters: Unless otherwise specified, while on leave, joint and coordinated degree students, and those concurrent degree students pursuing their second degree through another Harvard school, have access to their Law School email accounts, housing, library services including Westlaw and Lexis and other University services, and their Harvard IDs remain active.

Concurrent degree students doing their second degree at a non-Harvard school have access to their Law School email accounts and limited library services, but do not have access to Harvard housing, active Harvard IDs and other University services.