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1. Medical Voluntary Leave

a) J.D. and LL.M. students may apply for a voluntary medical leave of absence if an illness or injury, has disrupted their coursework. In order to request medical leave, students should contact the Dean of Students Office to discuss the requested leave. When requesting medical leave, students must provide a letter from a treating licensed clinician supporting the request.

b) Students on voluntary medical leave may be eligible for a tuition refund for the semester during which they take leave.

2. Medical Involuntary Leave

Detailed information regarding involuntary leaves of absence in connection with medical circumstances is available  in Section X(B)(1).

3. Health Insurance

For information about health insurance coverage while on medical leave, visit the Harvard University Health Services Program (HUSHP) website. See also Appendix C for more information about HUSHP.

4.  Extending Leave

If a student needs to extend a medical leave beyond the specified return date, the student should contact the Dean of Students Office  at least two months in advance of the specified return date to discuss extending the leave.

5. Returning from Medical Leave

 Students must petition in writing in order to return from medical leave. The petition should be submitted at least two months in advance of the date on which the student plans to return. The petition should be sent directly to the Dean of Students. In the petition, the student must describe his or her activities during the medical leave and the steps taken to resolve the circumstances that resulted in the need for leave. If medically able, the student must demonstrate work experience of at least six months during the leave.  A student is also expected to complete a Readmission Consultation appointment with the appropriate department at HUHS.

Once the student has completed an HUHS consultation and HUHS has reviewed all clinical documentation, HUHS provides a synopsis of the student’s care and progress to the Administrative Board, and the Board considers that synopsis along with the student’s statement and documentation of productivity, and makes a decision about the student’s readiness to return. Certain conditions as set by the Dean of Students Office and the Administrative Board may be required for approval to return. Students will be allowed to participate in course preference selection while waiting on approval to return. If students are not given permission to return, the courses will be dropped from their schedules. Once the Administrative Board has approved the petition, the student may start to make arrangements for his or her return.