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  1. Students must complete the degree requirements for the J.D. within seven years (and for certain state bars, including New York, within five years) of matriculating at the Law School. LL.M. students who have taken a leave of absence must complete degree requirements for the LL.M. within 36 months of first matriculating at the Law School. A leave of absence will not extend the maximum matriculation period for completing degree requirements.
  2. While on leave, students may not get Law School credits for cross-registration into Law School classes from another school, whether at Harvard or elsewhere. Some exceptions may be made with the approval of the Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs for joint and coordinated degree students.
  3. Students considering a leave should consult the rules regarding admission to the bar for the jurisdiction in which they plan to practice to be sure that the leave does not affect their eligibility to take the bar exam.
  4. International Students: International students must speak with the Harvard International Office about the immigration-related ramifications of taking a leave of absence before the leave of absence will be approved. International students who take leaves of absence must be aware of how this might affect visa status and practical training eligibility. International students must contact the Harvard International Office to discuss their options. Additionally, students should contact Student Financial Services for further clarification.