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Table 5: Clinic Add/Drop Deadlines

Term Add/Drop Deadline
Fall Clinics August 29, 2017
Winter Clinics December 1, 2017
Spring Clinics January 12, 2018

1. Clinic add/drop deadlines are earlier than most course add/drop deadlines. In addition, some clinics have even earlier add/drop deadlines than those listed above. Students should consult the clinic descriptions in the Harvard Law School course catalog for specific add/drop deadlines.

2. The Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs (OCP) oversees add/drop deadlines for clinics. Clinics go to great lengths to prepare projects and coordinate with potential clients. Clinics depend on enrolled students to take on this work, and therefore require that students finalize their participation earlier than is required for non-clinical courses.

3. All clinics must be taken in conjunction with a relevant course.  The three ways in which students enroll in the classroom component of a clinic are:

a) Course and clinic enrollment are bundled together.  The class and the clinic are added and dropped together, and share the same add/drop deadline. E.g., Transactional Law Clinics and the Transactional Law Clinical Workshop.

b) Course and clinic enrollment are separate. Students must enroll in the course on their own through HELIOS; the course is not automatically linked with the clinical placement. Adding or dropping the clinic does not affect course enrollment.  A student who is unable to enroll in the course by the clinic add/drop deadline forfeits his or her clinic enrollment. E.g., either Sports Law: Advanced Contract Drafting or Sports and the Law: Examining the Legal History and Evolution of America’s Three “Major League” Sports: MLB, NFL and NBA and the Sports Law Clinic.

c) Course and clinic enrollment are separate, but the course has reserved seats for clinic students.  Students who receive a seat in the course due to their clinic enrollment and drop the clinic must also drop the course. E.g., Capital Punishment Clinic and Capital Punishment in America.

d) Students must work with OCP to finalize their clinic and/or clinical course enrollments. Students who are unresponsive to OCP emails or other communications related to registration and enrollment requirements may, after written warning, have their clinical enrollment terminated.