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1. A student withdrawing from a course, seminar, or reading group after the last day of the course add/drop period for the term will be considered to have withdrawn after the deadline, and the course, seminar, or reading group will be listed on his/her transcript with a “Withdrew after Deadline” (WD) notation. If withdrawing from a course or written work will result in a student dropping below the semester or year required credit minimums, the student must enroll in other credits to meet those requirements.  If the student withdraws from a class or written work after classes for the term have ended, and the withdrawal will result in the student dropping below the credit minimum for the term or year, the student must complete the work or receive an F grade.

2. Exceptions to the withdrawal policy are available only for a compelling reason such as illness or unforeseen circumstances. Students should contact the Office of the Registrar to request an exception to this policy.

3. See also Section I(M) regarding class attendance and involuntary withdrawals.