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After an instructor has submitted a grade to the Registrar (generally through HELIOS), the instructor may change the grade only if the grade is incorrect as a result of an arithmetical, administrative, or other mechanical error.  The instructor will determine whether or not the grade is a result of such an error. The Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs must approve any grade changes pursuant to this policy.

An instructor’s grade determination is not subject to review on the merits by the Dean, Deputy Deans, the Dean of Students, the Registrar, or other administrators. An instructor may not change a grade based on a reevaluation of a student’s work, except by requesting and obtaining approval for such change from the faculty.

After degrees are voted and approved by the faculty, grades for graduating students cannot be changed by an individual faculty for any reason.

Under the circumstances specified in the Standing Policies of the Administrative Board Concerning Exam Administration, a student may be entitled to grading relief for a grade affected adversely by an administrative irregularity (for example, a failure of exam software). The procedures for seeking such relief are set out in those Policies. Grade changes may also be made by the School’s administration as the result of a disciplinary proceeding against a student.

Questions about grading policies and their application in particular instances can be directed to the Registrar’s office or the Dean of Student’s office.