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Table 7: Summary of Submission Deadlines for Academic Work (see below for important details)


Type of Work Submission Deadline
Academic Work in Courses, Seminars and Reading Groups Last day of exams in the relevant term or earlier date as set by instructor
Option 1 of the J.D. Written Work Requirement
LL.M. Written Work Requirement
Optional Written Work
Winter Term Writing
All due by April 20, 2018 (last day of classes)
Option 2 of the J.D. Written Work Requirement Varies depending on type of writing (no later than April 20, 2018)
Final Deadlines for Degree Candidates (see Section VII(B), Section VIII(C)(2), and Section X). November degrees: September 29, 2017

February degrees: December 19, 2017

March degrees: January 19, 2018

May Degrees: May 10, 2018

Note: These deadlines apply unless the faculty member sets an earlier date.