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As changes are made to the 2018-2019 curriculum and new courses are added, they will be announced on this page.

Date 2018-2019 Course and Schedule Updates
7/17/2018 Ms. Nancy Kelly and Mr. John Willshire will teach the seminar, Emerging Issues in Refugee Protection: The Representation of Child Asylum Seekers, in Spring 2019.
7/17/2018 Ms. Jacqueline Bhabha will teach the jointly-listed course, Migration and Human Rights, in Fall 2018.
7/17/2018 HBS Professor Tarun Khanna will teach the jointly-listed course, Contemporary Developing Countries: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Intractable Problems, in Fall 2018.
7/12/2018 Professor Mark Roe’s Fall-Spring seminar, Comparative Corporate Governance, will now take place on Fridays from 1-3pm. Note that the first meeting will be held September 7th from 3-5pm.
7/10/2018 Professor Ryan Doerfler will teach the reading group, Institutional Formalism and Realism, in Fall 2018.
7/10/2018 Professor Laurence Tribe’s Fall 2018 seminar, Constitutional Crises and Slow-Motion Meltdowns: The Trump Trajectory, has been cancelled.
7/5/2018 Professor Lucie White’s 2018-2019 Making Rights Real: The Ghana Project clinic and course have been cancelled.
7/5/2018 Professors Tyler Giannini, Esme Caramello, and Michael Gregory’s Winter 2019 course, Lawyering for Justice in the United States, has been cancelled.
7/2/2018 Judge Denny Chin will teach the seminar, Asian Americans and the Law, in Spring 2019.
7/2/2018 Mr. Mark Jia will teach the reading group, Law and China in the Age of Xi Jinping, in Spring 2019.
6/29/2018 Dr. Ron Dolin will teach the seminar, Law 2.0: Technology’s Impact on the Practice of Law, in Spring 2019.
6/28/2018 Professor Janet Halley’s Spring 2019 offerings, Gender and Political Economy and Controversies in Reproductive Justice, have been cancelled.
6/27/2018 Professor Helena Alviar will teach the seminar, Latin American Law and Institutions, in Spring 2019.
6/27/2018 Professor Glenn Cohen will teach the course, Bioethics and Health Law: Selected Topics, in Winter 2019.
6/25/2018 Ms. Jamie Wacks will teach the course, Legal Profession, in Spring 2019.
6/25/2018 Professor Raymond Atuguba will teach the course, Public International Law, in Spring 2019.
6/18/2018 Ms. Amy McManus will teach the following courses (for LLMs only) in Fall 2018: Legal Research, Writing and Analysis I; Legal Research, Writing and Analysis II; An Introduction to American Law. In Spring 2019 Ms. McManus will teach Legal Research, Writing and Analysis II.
6/12/2018 Professors Noah Feldman and Peter Galison will teach the seminar, Science, State, Corporation, in Fall 2018.
6/11/2018 Professor Cass Sunstein will teach the course, Administrative Law, in Fall 2018.
6/5/2018 Professor John Kroger will teach the reading group, Creating a Life in the Law, in Spring 2019.
6/5/2018 Ms. Sarah Deutsch will teach the reading group, Hot Topics in Digital Privacy, in Spring 2019.
5/29/2018 Professor Michael Moffitt will teach the reading group, Lawyering and Settlement, in Fall 2018.
5/29/2018 Justice Sandile Ngcobo’s Fall 2018 seminar, Judicial Review, has been cancelled.
5/21/2018 Ms. Caitlin Halligan will teach the seminar, Federalism and States as Public Law Actors, in Spring 2019.
5/17/2018 Professor Jack Goldsmith will offer the course, Laboratory on National Security Writing, in Fall 2018.
5/16/2018 The Fall 2018 offering of Constitutional Law: Separation of Powers, Federalism, and Fourteenth Amendment previously scheduled to be taught by Professor Brown-Nagin will now be taught by Professor Richard Fallon.
5/16/2018 Professor Tomiko Brown-Nagin’s Spring 2019 offerings, American Legal History: Law and Social Reform, 1929-1973 and Topics in Education Law and Policy, have been cancelled.
5/16/2018 Mr. Kobi Kastiel will teach Corporate and Capital Markets Law and Policy with Professor Lucian Bebchuk in Fall 2018.
5/15/2018 Mr. Matthew Olsen’s Spring 2019 seminar, National Security Law and Practice, will now meet on Thursdays from 5-8pm.
5/11/2018 Ms. Jocelyn Kennedy will teach the course, Advanced Legal Research, in Spring 2019.
5/8/2018 Mr. James Tierney’s Spring 2019 reading group, The Operations and Ethics of the State Attorney General, will meet on Tuesdays from 5-7pm.
5/7/2018 Ms. Sharon Block will teach the seminar, Organizing for Economic Justice in the New Economy, in Spring 2019.
5/4/2018 Mr. Ron Klain will teach the seminar, Law and Legal Practice in Campaign Debates, in Spring 2019.
5/4/2018 Mr. David McCraw will teach the course, Mass Media Law, in Spring 2019.
4/27/2018 Professor Charles Donahue’s Fall 2018 course, Legal History: English Legal History, will now meet from 10:30-11:45am on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.
4/19/2018 Professor Adrian Vermeule’s Spring 2019 Administrative Law course will meet on Wednesdays & Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm.
4/11/2018 Professor Eugene Soltes, Mr. Daniel Kahn and Mr. Leo Tsao will teach the seminar, Corporate Criminal Investigations, in Fall 2018.
4/11/2018 Professor Mark Roe’s Fall-Spring course, Bankruptcy: Current Issues, will now take place on Fridays from 1-3pm.
4/9/2018 Professor Lucian Bebchuk will teach the course, Corporate and Capital Markets Law and Policy, in Fall 2018.
 4/9/2018 Professors Lucian Bebchuk and Alma Cohen will teach the course, Empirical Law and Finance, in Fall 2018.
4/6/2018 Mr. David Berger and Mr. Randall Baron will teach the course, Anatomy of Deal Litigation in Practice, in Fall 2018.
4/5/2018 Professor Matthew Stephenson’s Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 offerings of Global Anticorruption Lab will now take place on Wednesdays from 5:10-7:10pm. 
4/5/2018 Mr. Jonathan Lovvorn will teach the seminar, Wildlife Law, in Fall 2018.
4/5/2018 Mr. John DeLong will teach the seminar, Compliance and Computation, in Fall 2018. 
4/4/2018 Mr. Mitchell Presser’s Spring 2019 offering, Cross Border M&A: Drafting, Negotiation & the Auction Process, has changed to a 3-credit course and will be held on Thursdays from 5-8:20pm.
3/28/2018 Professor Michael Moffitt will teach the Spring 2019 section of the Negotiation Workshop.
3/28/2018 Professor Kenneth Mack’s Spring 2019 offering, Critical Race Theory, has changed to a course.
3/28/2018 Professor Guy-Uriel Charles will teach two new offerings, Race and Federalism & Racial Justice and Law, in Spring 2019.
3/28/2018 Professor Kenneth Mack’s Spring 2019 reading group, Law and Politics in the Post-Obama Era, has been cancelled.
3/28/2018 Professor Naz Modirzadeh will teach the seminar, Counterterrorism and International Law, in Spring 2019.
3/28/2018 Judge David Barron and Professor Archon Fung will teach the seminar, Public Problems: Advice, Strategy and Analysis, in Fall 2018.
3/28/2018 Professor Mark Roe will teach two new full-year offerings, Bankruptcy: Current Issues & Comparative Corporate Governance, in AY2018-2019.
3/27/2018 Professor Annette Gordon-Reed’s Spring 2019 course, Legal Profession, will meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:20am to 11:50am.
3/27/2018 Professor Annette Gordon-Reed’s Spring 2019 course, Criminal Procedure: Investigations, will meet on Mondays & Tuesdays from 3:20pm to 4:50pm.
3/26/2018 Professor John Kroger will teach the course, Criminal Procedure: Investigations, in Fall 2018.
3/23/2018 Professor Annette Gordon-Reed’s course, Criminal Procedure: Investigations, will be taught in Spring 2019. Scheduling details will be forthcoming.
3/23/2018 Professor Naz Modirzadeh’s Spring 2019 reading group, The Vietnam War and the International Law of Armed Conflict, has been cancelled.
 3/21/2018  Judge Thomas Griffith will teach the course, The Role of the Article III Judge, in Winter 2019.