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Date 2020-21 Course and Schedule Updates
7/8/2020 Mr. Jack Corrigan’s Criminal Prosecution Clinic and Prosecution Clinical Course will now be taught in Spring 2021.
6/30/2020 Professor Guhan Subramanian will offer the course, Deals, in Fall 2020.
6/30/2020 Professor Menahem Ben-Sasson will offer the course, “Jewish” and “Democratic” State – can they dwell together?, and the seminar, Jewish Public Law in Historical Perspective, in Spring 2021.
6/30/2020 Professor David Kennedy will offer the course, Knowledge As Power in Law and Science, in Spring 2021.
6/29/2020 Professor Jonathan Zittrain will offer the reading group, Digital Platforms: Responsibilities Then and Now, in Fall 2020. Information on enrollment and registration is forthcoming.
6/29/2020 The Spring 2021 offerings, Contract and Property Theory, and Commercial Law: Secured Transactions, taught by Visiting Professor Jed Lewinsohn, have been cancelled and will instead be offered in AY21-22.
6/26/2020 The Fall 2020 course, Introduction to American Law, will now be taught by Mr. Christopher Taggart.
6/26/2020 Mr. Marshall Sonenshine will offer the course, Advanced Corporate Transactions, in Spring 2021.
6/25/2020 Professor Alma Cohen will offer the course, Empirical Law and Finance, in Spring 2021.
6/25/2020 Professor Daniel Coquillette’s Spring 2021 seminar, Legal History: American Legal Education, has been cancelled.
6/24/2020 The Fall 2020 course, Corporate and Capital Markets Law and Policy, taught by Professor Bebchuk and Mr. Kastiel, can now be taken for 2 or 3 credits.
6/17/2020 The following additions and adjustments have been made to the Fall 2020 curriculum:

Information on enrollment and registration for the above offerings is forthcoming.

6/4/2020 Mr. Luke Sobota and Mr. Hugh Carlson will offer the course, Foundations of International Arbitration: Theory and Practice, in Spring 2021.
6/1/2020 Professor Naz Modirzadeh’s Fall 2020 course, Public International Law, has been cancelled.
6/1/2020 Mr. Vincent Chiao’s Spring 2021 seminar, On Being Treated as an Individual, has been cancelled.
6/1/2020 Justice Elena Kagan’s Fall 2020 reading group, The Supreme Court’s 2019 Term, has been cancelled.
5/29/2020 Professor Elizabeth Papp Kamali’s Fall 2020 reading group, Medieval English Law, and Spring 2021 seminar, Mind and Criminal Responsibility in the Anglo-American Tradition, have been cancelled.
5/11/2020 Dr. Arevik Avedian will offer the course, Applied Quantitative Analysis for Lawyers, in Spring 2021.
5/4/2020 Ms. Mandy DeFilippo’s Fall 2020 offering, Leading from the Middle, will now be taught as a reading group.
5/4/2020 Judge Margaret Ryan and Mr. Liam Hardy’s Fall 2020 seminar, Constitutional Issues In the Military Justice System, has been cancelled and will instead be offered in Fall 2021.
5/4/2020 Professor Sabrineh Ardalan and Ms. Cindy Zapata’s seminar, Trauma, Refugees and Asylum Law, will now be offered in Spring 2021.
5/4/2020 Mr. Eric Glitzenstein’s seminar, Wildlife Law, will now be offered in Spring 2021.
5/1/2020 Professor Mark Wu’s Fall 2020 seminar, WTO and Trade Litigation, will now meet on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:20-4:50pm.
4/24/2020 Professor Lucian Bebchuk and Mr. Kobi Kastiel will offer the courses, Corporate and Capital Markets Law and Policy, and Controlling Shareholders, in Fall 2020.
4/24/2020 Professor Samantha Power’s Fall 2020 course, Geopolitics, Human Rights, and the Future of Statecraft, will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 10:15am at HKS.
4/24/2020 Professor Elizabeth Bartholet will offer the course, Child, Family and State, in Spring 2021.
4/23/2020 Judge David Barron’s Spring 2021 course, Local Government Law, will be held on Thursdays from 3-5pm.
4/23/2020 Professor Elizabeth Bartholet’s Spring 2021 seminar, Future of the Family, has been cancelled.
4/23/2020 Professor Matthew Stephenson’s Fall 2020 seminar, Global Anticorruption Lab, will be held on Thursdays from 5-7pm.
4/21/2020 Professor Anne Dailey’s Fall 2020 offerings, Children and the Law and The Constitution of the Child, have been cancelled.
4/20/2020 Professor Bala Dharan will offer the courses, Introduction to Finance Concepts 4-Day Section and Introduction to Accounting in Fall 2020, as well as Introduction to Accounting 3-Week Section and Business Valuation and Financial Statement Analysis in Spring 2021.
4/17/2020 Professor David Kennedy will offer the courses, Global Law and Law and Economic Development, in Fall 2020, and Law and Political Economy in Fall-Spring 2020.
4/17/2020 Professor Assaf Hamdani’s Spring 2021 course, Corporations, and Spring 2021 reading group, Activist Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors and Corporate Law, have been cancelled.
4/15/2020 The seminar, Administrative Law in the Trump Era, taught by Professors Vermeule and Sunstein, will now be offered in Spring 2021.
4/15/2020 Mr. Peter Grossi’s Fall 2020 course, Drug Product Liability Litigation, will now be held on Tuesdays from 5-7pm and Wednesdays from 3-5pm. This schedule applies to both the two and three-credit versions of the course, and exact meeting dates can be found in the course description(s).
4/15/2020 Ms. Nicole Summers’ Fall 2020 reading group, HLAB: Spanish for Public Interest Lawyers, will meet on Tuesdays from 5-6pm.
4/14/2020 Professor Lewis Sargentich’s Spring 2021 reading group, Natural Law and Positive Law, will now be held on Thursdays from 5-7pm.
4/14/2020 Judge David Barron, Professor Archon Fung and Ms. Sarah Wald’s Fall 2020 seminar, Public Problems: Advice, Strategy, and Analysis, will be held on Thursdays from 3-5pm.
4/14/2020 Ms. Nancy Kelly and Mr. John Willshire will offer the seminar, Emerging Issues in Refugee Protection: The Representation of Child Asylum Seekers, in Spring 2021.
4/14/2020 Mr. James Tierney and Mr. Peter Brann will offer the course, The Role of the State Attorney General in Spring 2021.
4/13/2020 The Mediation Clinic and associated Mediation Clinic Seminar, taught by Ms. Catherine Mondell, will now be offered in Spring 2021.
4/10/2020 The application deadline for Professor Martha Minow’s Fall 2020 course, Fairness and Privacy: Perspectives of Law and Probability, is now April 28th, 2020.
4/9/2020 Mr. Thomas Goldstein will offer the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic and associated Supreme Court Litigation seminar in Winter 2021.
4/6/2020 White Collar Criminal Law and Procedure, taught by Ms. Antonia Apps, will now be offered in Spring 2021.