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What host schools can I cross-register into?
When do I cross-register?
How do I cross-register?
Can I start taking a course and then file my petition to cross-register later into the semester?
There seem to be a lot of different deadlines. How do I know which one applies to me?
If I want to take a year-long course, can I just register during the fall semester?
I’m a 2L or 3L - how do I know if I’m eligible to cross-register?
I’m a 1L – may I cross-register?
I’m an LLM – is there anything special that I have to do to cross-register?
What is the maximum number of credits I’m allowed to take through cross-registration?
Do I have to do anything other than file the Cross-Registration Petition?
How do I know how many HLS credits I'll get for a cross-registered course?
Can I cross-register for an Independent Study?
Are there other limits on the courses I can cross-register for?
What about scheduling conflicts?
What if the exam in the cross-registered course conflicts with something in my HLS schedule?
What if one of my HLS exams conflicts with the exam in my cross-registered course?
Will the grade from a cross-registered course appear on my transcript?
Can I ask the professor from the host school to let me take the class pass/fail?
I'm a joint degree student - are there different rules for me?

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