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The most recent updates to Canvas were rolled out on December 9th. Changes included:


Assignment Group Contents Move Menu

The Assignment Group Settings menu includes a Move Content option, which moves all assignment content items in an assignment group to another group. This functionality is designed for consistency with other Move-To menus in Canvas.

Note: Move-To option for assignment groups has been renamed to the Move Group option. This change helps clarify functionality between moving an assignment and moving an assignment group.

move assingment

When a user selects the Move Content option, the sidebar menu asks the user to select the new assignment group, then select the placement of all assignment group contents. If the Before or After option is selected, the user can select the placement of the assignments collectively within the assignment group.

Any individual assignments that need to be moved within the new assignment group can be moved using drag and drop or using the Move-To option in the assignment’s Settings menu.

move assingment group

Canvas Interface

Design Updates

Small design changes have been made to the following Canvas feature areas:

  • Collaborations: The default Collaborations page does not include any background images, and the text has been aligned to the left. This change does not affect institutions using the Google Apps or Office 365 LTI.
  • Dashboard: In the To Do List, divider lines are only placed below each section heading and not between each individual item.
  • Rich Content Editor: The Rich Content Editor menu includes an updated Accessibility Checker icon.



Italian (Italiano) has been added as an available language in Canvas.

Bug Fixes

  • Assignments – Group Assignment Submissions and Previously Uploaded Files: File Upload submissions previously uploaded to Canvas are associated for all group members. Explanation: When a student uploaded a file to Canvas and submitted that file as a group assignment file upload, the submission was only associated with the student who submitted the file and not the entire group. Canvas code has been updated to associate previously uploaded files for all members of a group assignment.

  • Assignments – Submission Details Total Point Value: The Submission Details page shows the total point value of an assignment. Explanation: When a user viewed an assignment, the Submission Details page did not display the total point value for the assignment. Canvas code has been updated to display the total point value field for the assignment.

  • Calendar – Calendar Date Arrangement: Calendar dates are ordered by the language selected in Canvas. Explanation: When a user selected a language that set a different day of the week to begin the Calendar, the days of the week were not updated to reflect the selected language. Canvas code has been updated to display date arrangement consistently according to the language selected in Canvas.

  • Calendar – Scheduler Future Appointment Availability: The next available appointment notification matches the date of the next available appointment group. Explanation: When a student viewed the Scheduler, future availability for appointment groups sometimes displayed a date in the past. Canvas code has been updated to confirm the date of the next appointment group and display the date appropriately.