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Below is the information you will need about moving out of the dorms. Please read this email carefully so that you do not incur any fees associated with improperly moving out.

Move Out Deadlines
You must be completely moved out of your dorm and have returned all of your keys by 5:00pm ET on May 22nd. You are welcome to move out any time or date before this deadline, but I cannot grant move out extensions for any reason. Furthermore, there is a $500 fine for each night that you reside in your room after your move out deadline.

Move Out To Do List
Below is a description of each of these items:

  • Comcast Cable TV Cancelled (if applicable)
  • Personal Items Removed
  • Trash/Recycling Removed
  • Summer Mail Forwarding Form
  • Storage
  • Keys

Comcast Cable TV
If you have Comcast service, you must personally cancel your service by calling 1-800-COMCAST, whether you have equipment or not.  If you have equipment, you will need to locate a Comcast center and personally return this equipment. Students who leave their cable equipment in their dorms will be fined $100 by HLS. Comcast will also charge you for failure to return their equipment.

Personal Items Removed
Students must remove ALL of their personal items from their dorm or apartment. Students who leave personal items in their dorm rooms will be charged up to $150. You may place any unwanted items in the donation stations. Donation stations are located throughout the HLS Campus. Please note that all large furniture items must be removed from your dorm room, if it is not HLS furniture.

Trash and Recycling Removed
Students must remove all trash and recycling from their rooms. Students who leave trash and recycling in their dorm rooms will be charged up to $150. You may leave full trash and recycling bags outside of your dorm room in the hallway, and custodians will remove these bags.

Summer Mail Forwarding Form
All residents should contact mail senders (magazine subscriptions, law firms) to notify them of your change in address. In addition, residents can fill out the Summer 2016 Mail Forwarding Request Form before they move out of the dorms. If you do not fill out this form, anything that arrives for you at our mail center this summer will be returned to sender.

Summer Storage for students returning to HLS Housing has begun. Please pick up your 3 storage labels at the Facilities Office (Holmes 1st floor). Please note that any unlabeled or banned objects (for example; bicycles) will be discarded. Please see here for more information:

Key Return
It is essential that you return all of your keys before you leave campus. Students will be charged up to $175 for failure to turn in keys as well as for improper return of keys.

  •          Keys must be returned in a key envelope. If you need a key envelope, you may procure one during business hours from the Facilities Management office.
  • All residents will return an interior dorm key and a mailbox key.
  • Students may return the keys to the Facilities Management office (Holmes Hall room 4) between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday – Friday.
    • If you need to return your keys anytime outside of business hours, you may turn them in to the exterior drop box outside of Holmes Hall’s western entrance (the side facing Story Hall). However, all keys returned to the Holmes Hall drop box must be in an envelope with the student’s name, dorm building, and dorm room written on the outside. Any loose or unlabeled keys in the drop box will be considered lost, and you will be charged for them.
  • Students who do not return their dorms keys properly will be charged up to $175. Improper key return includes:
    • Students who do not return their keys at all.
    • Students who leave their dorm keys in their dorm rooms after move out.
    • Students who give their keys to someone else to return for them.
    • Students who put loose keys in the Holmes Hall drop box.
    • Students who put their keys in an unlabeled envelope in the Holmes Hall drop box.