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Spring 2022 Course

Torts 2

Exam Type: One Day Take-Home

Tort law provides redress for civil wrongs. When one person breaches a duty not to injure another, tort law may empower the person who is wronged to hold the wrongdoer accountable through civil relief. Tortious wrongs may involve intentional conduct, negligence, or strict liability. This course will examine these fundamental theories of liability, defenses to tort liability, and tort remedies. Much of tort law is common law, that is, law developed by judges through a system of precedent. A class about tort law, therefore, is a class about judging, not to mention the relationship between judges and juries. But much of tort law is statutory law, that is, law enacted by legislatures. A class about tort law, therefore, is a class about the common law, statutes, and the relationship between them. It is also a class about how we think about rights, wrongs, and remedies, that is, a class about what we view as a wrong worth redressing through law – and about wrongs we do not redress through law.