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Spring 2021 Course

Legal Writing: Advanced

Prerequisites: Open to 2nd and 3rd year JD students. For LLM students, instructor permission is required.

Exam Type: No Exam

This course provides advanced training in legal writing across the range of situations typically met by the practicing lawyer and in the ways that different types of legal writing help to solve clients’ problems. Using the format of a small class and one-on-one sessions with the instructor, this course will examine the way that practicing lawyers use writing for the varying types of tasks which they perform. The course asks students to distinguish between the types of writing that lawyers use for transactions, litigation, statutes, and client communication and helps them to decide how to use those four types of legal writing in particular situations. Each class session will explore a factual situation that calls for a type of legal writing. After each class, there will be a short writing assignment asking the student to deal with the problem in a paper using the relevant type of legal writing. Between classes, students will meet with the instructor to go over his comments and edits in the way that a junior lawyer can expect to meet with a superior in a law office.

Note: This course will be graded on a Credit/Fail basis.