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Spring 2024 Seminar

Laboratories of Experimentation: The role of states and localities in protecting and advancing workers’ rights

Prerequisite: None

Exam Type: No Exam

In the face of limited progress at the federal level, states and localities are emerging as key players in advancing and protecting workers’ rights This seminar will explore the growing role of state and local government in passing new laws, enforcing workplace protections, and playing a role in advancing workers’ rights. We will consider why states and localities are emerging as players in this area, and delve into specific issues such as new players in this space (including cities, state attorneys general, and criminal prosecutors); addressing the needs of excluded workforces (gig workers, farmworkers, domestic workers, and temp workers); the challenges presented by federal and state preemption; confronting the fissured workplace; innovative approaches to enforcement; inclusion of worker organizations in enforcement or policymaking; and labor market fairness issues.