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Spring 2021 Course

Entrepreneurial Agreements and Startup Decisions

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: No Exam

What key agreements do entrepreneurs have to make in the chrysalis stages of their venture? What seminal decisions do they take in the earliest days that can have outsized downstream consequences? How do you give them the best possible legal _and_ business counsel?

This Simulation Course will examine critical moments of decision-making in relation to essential, dynamic topics such as co-founder agreements, corporate structure, venture capital, valuations, IP protection, relations with early employees, vesting schedules, contractor collaboration, temp-to-perm hires, business development partnerships, strategic investors, compensation, NDAs, board membership, advisory boards, key vendors, domiciling, for-profit or otherwise, strike prices, alternative capital formation terms such as PIK dividends, and incentive plans for fast-growing teams.

Students should be prepared to simulate key moments in corporate formation and growth. Special attention will be given to the realities of advising early stage, high-velocity startups, which must often deal with uncertainties and risk profiles that are dissimilar from those faced by larger-scale, mature corporations.

Because this is a simulation course, attendance at every class session is mandatory. This cousre will be fully remote.

Note: This course will meet over the first two weeks of term.