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Winter 2021 Course

Bioethics and Health Law: Selected Topics

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: No Exam

This class covers selected topics in health care law, public health law, and (especially) bioethics. Among the topics that may be covered are: informed consent, medical confidentiality (including issues pertaining to medical big data), the duty to treat, conscientious objection in health care, ownership and patenting of human tissue, organ donation and allocation, abortion, reproductive technologies, end of life decision-making, the definition of death, and mandatory testing for diseases.

The course will be run seminar style. Evaluation will be split between a participation grade and a research paper (maximum 8000 words in length) that may be turned in any time before April 15, 2021. The research paper should be related to a topic covered in the course. Students will be expected to participate each and every session, so the course is not a good fit for students uncomfortable speaking in class.

This is a fairly reading-intensive course. Students should expect 60-120 pages of reading a session (though much of it will not be cases).