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Climenko Fellow seeks an RA with an interest in technology and democracy, free speech/First Amendment issues, and/or tort law

Climenko Fellow Dan Rauch seeks an RA with an interest in technology and democracy issues, free speech and free expression, social media governance, tort law, and/or First Amendment doctrine. Dan’s current article examines the ways in which digital speech phenomena like online hate speech, “doxxing” and “twitter mobs” should change the constitutional treatment of defamation torts (currently governed by New York Times v. Sullivan). The RA will conduct additional research and writing on this topic, such as by providing analyses of modern, online-based attacks on local elected officials. Additional topics the RA will also likely research will include the development of defamation law at its common law origins (and beyond), and the content moderation role of social media platforms. If interested, please email with a CV/resume and two or three sentences of background explaining why the position appeals to you.