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Every year, OCS and OPIA publish a list detailing where rising 2L and 3L students will be employed for the upcoming summer. Our “Who Worked Where” lists offer a great resource for students to connect and network with other students and recent alumni.

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Use these lists to:

  • Brainstorm possible job opportunities for your 1L Job Search
  • Find a connection and learn more about a public interest internship at a specific organization.
  • Network with your peers and learn about their law firm experiences in advance of the Early Interview Program (EIP).

If you have questions regarding the “Who Works Where” lists, please contact the Office of Career Services at or Office of Public Interest Advising at

Who Worked Where Lists

Who Worked Where Lists

The “Who Worked Where” lists are for HLS student use only and should not be reproduced for any reason. The lists do not represent complete employment information in the aggregate as some students have opted out of the publication or have changed employment since its creation.

Download the “Who Worked Where” spreadsheet below. Each summer’s list is included on a separate tab.

Who Worked Where List (Excel)

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