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Vixens Disturbing Vineyards: Embarrassment and Embracement of Scriptures--A Festschrift Honoring Harry Fox (Tzemah Yoreh, Aubrey Glazer, Justin Jaron Lewis & Miryam Segal eds., 2010).

Abstract: Embarrassment and embracement are two moments in the reading, misreading and re-reading of scriptures, defined broadly to include both canonical and non-canonical texts. Despite what Harold Bloom calls our "belatedness" in this process, every reading community has its way of confronting that moment of embarrassment so as to re-embrace or reject its implications. These implications are especially strong in religious cultures with a nomian tradition. By entering into that very tension between what Fox calls embarrassment and re-embracement, every reader recognizes the anxiety of a narrative's influence upon a community. Papers dealing with different aspects of this phenomenon are part of a festschrift honoring Professor Harry Fox (LeBeit Yoreh) the originator of this seminal idea in the transmission of texts. Contributors include such scholars as Yaakov Elman, Simcha Fishbane, the late Chana Safrai and Tirzah Meacham as well as many students, colleagues and friends of Professor Fox.