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The most recent updates to Canvas were rolled out on August 26th. Changes included:

Rich Content Editor

Insert/Edit Media

The Rich Content Menu toolbar includes an option to insert or edit media. This change allows users to easily add online media content to a course without having to use the HTML Editor.

  • The General tab includes fields for the media source location and dimensions. The media can be resized and set to constrain size proportions.
  • The Embed tab includes an HTML field for embed code.
  • The Advanced tab includes fields for providing alternative source URL(s) and poster image information. Alternative sources pointing to different video encodings can be specified to be used as a fallback if the browser doesn’t support the initial encoding offered. The poster URL source indicates the image that displays until the user clicks the play button. If the poster option is blank, the first frame of the source video will be used as the poster image.

Links from common providers (like YouTube and Vimeo) often link to custom media players, rather than directly to video files, and will not recognize any content added to the alternative source and posted image options.

embed video onto page

Bug Fixes

  • Discussions – Duplicate Files: Course Files amends file names when a file is uploaded multiple times in a course. Explanation: When a user attached the same file to two different discussions in a course, Course Files created two files with the same name. Canvas code has been updated to amend the file name when files are uploaded to the course with the same name.

  • Gradebook – Complete/Incomplete Files: Submitted files are retained in complete/incomplete assignments. Explanation: When an instructor graded a student’s complete/incomplete assignment in the Gradebook, the file submission was removed from the assignment. This behavior did not affect assignments graded in SpeedGrader. Canvas code has been updated to always display a link to file submissions in complete/incomplete assignments.