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The most recent updates to Canvas were rolled out on August 25th 2018. Changes included:


Scheduler External Feed Appointment Details


Location to Enable Feature Scheduler
Configuration Details Calendar External Feed
Affected Canvas Areas Calendar
Affects User Interface No
Affected User Roles Instructors



For instructors using the Scheduler tool in the Calendar, the Calendar Feed link includes Scheduler appointment details in the calendar feed export. Appointment details include scheduled student appointments, the associated course, and any student comments.

In student calendar feeds, the current functionality has not been affected. Students can view their reserved appointment group time slot, but any comments to the instructor are not included.

Change Benefit

This change allows instructors to view all appointment details for a Scheduler appointment group without having to access Canvas.


Affected User Roles & Behaviors
When instructors create an appointment group for a course through the Scheduler tool, and students reserve appointment group time slots, instructors can view the appointment group details in their Canvas Calendar. If an instructor wants to export the calendar feed to an external calendar, Scheduler appointment group details are included in the calendar feed.

Bug Fixes

Rich Content Editor

Selecting content with the Link to URL link from the content selector sidebar links the selected content correctly. Explanation: When content was selected using the Link to URL link in the content selector sidebar using Internet Explorer 11, the selected content was not highlighted and the word Link was inserted into the page. Canvas code has been updated to correct links with existing text in Internet Explorer 11.

Table Edits and Internet Explorer Edge

Tables can be edited in Internet Explorer Edge. Explanation: When a table was edited using Internet Explorer Edge, the table could not be edited. Canvas code has been updated to allow editing using Internet Explorer Edge.