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August 2022 New Employees

Welcome to HLS!

We’d like to welcome 20 New Employees to Harvard this month!

Patricia Alejandro

Clinical Instructor
Department: Transactional Law Clinic
Fun Fact: I am currently reading Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Talents.

Tirzah Anderson

Faculty Assistant
Department: FSS
Joining HLS from: Barnard College
Fun Fact: I grew up on a military base in southern Spain.

Melani Baez

Administrative Support Assistant
Department: FSS
Joining HLS from: HLS HR
Fun Fact: My favorite restaurant is TGI Fridays!

Rebecca Blemur

Faculty Assistant
Department: FSS

Alex Kagan

Program Coordinator
Department: Religious Freedom Clinic

Elizabeth Kaplan

Director of Health Care Access and Clinical Instructor
Department: CHLPI

Rebecca Kilberg

Technologist in Residence
Department: HLS Library


Program Manager
Department: Berkman Klein Center
Joining HLS from: Edgelands Institute (a pop-up institute at the BKC). I am originally from Brazil
Fun Fact: I am obsessed with Notion, a note-taking app.

Gary Hackett III

Applications Analyst
Department: ITS
Joining HLS from: HarbourVest Partners
Fun Fact: I am a classically trained actor and chef outside of work. I studied Theatre in college and ran a private chef business before transitioning into tech.

Erika Hanson

Clinical Instructor,
Department: Health Law and Policy Clinic

Nicholas Lindseth

Program Coordinator
Department: Berkman Klein Center

Eliza Lockhart-Jenks

Clinical Instructor
Department: Criminal Justice Institute
Joining HLS from: CPCS, Youth Advocacy Division
Fun Fact: I have a feisty two year old daughter named Lumen.

Alma Martinez Ramirez

Department: Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program

Rachel Matthews

Clinical Instructor
Department: Animal Law and Policy Clinic
Joining HLS from: PETA Foundation
Fun Fact: I’ve walked the entire 32-mile shoreline of Manhattan in a day (but I much prefer hiking in the mountains of West Virginia).

Jeff Newton

Donor Engagement Coordinator
Department: Development
Joining HLS from: The Massachusetts Coalition For Occupational Safety And Health
Fun Fact: I am a big fan of biking around town.

Leah Prescott

Associate Director for Collections
Department: HLS Library
Joining HLS from: Georgetown University Law Library
Fun Fact: I enjoy caring for my 12 bonsai trees.

Amanda Pugliese

Associate Director, Development Marketing and Communications
Department: Development
Joining HLS from: Watertown
Fun Fact: I have two dogs; a Corgi named Layla and a rescue named Aurora.

Mark Richter

Admissions Officer
Department: JD Admissions
Joining HLS from: Brunswick, ME
Fun Fact: I am a Bad Bunny superfan.

Rebecca Rinkevich

Program Director, Rebooting Social Media
Department: Berkman Klein Center

Francie Sullivan

Alumni Relations Event Coordinator
Department: Alumni Relations
Joining HLS from: Harvard Medical School (employer), College of the Holy Cross (college), and Baltimore
Fun Fact: I am recently extremely invested in Formula 1 car racing, and am going to a race in Italy in September.

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