Human Resources

August 2021 Service Milestones

Congratulations to our employees hitting service milestones this month!

If you’d like to celebrate your colleagues, feel free to send them a congratulatory email or giving them praise on Teams.

5 Years

Nicholas Gallo, ITS

Lyndsay Monstur, Development

Ellen Shapiro-Smith, First Year Legal Writing & Research Program

Hope O’Rourke, Learning, Experience & Technology

Alissa Mallinson, Development

Carol Flores, Criminal Justice Institute

10 Years

Kyra Davies, Environmental Program

15 Years

Jane Reader, Faculty Support Services

Tracy Lefferdink, Development

Rebecca Tabasky, Berkman Klein 

20 Years

Nancy Pinn, Graduate Program

Laurie Serratore, Financial Services

Edwin Moloy, HLS Library

35 Years

Emily Newburger, Communications

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