Human Resources

April 2022 New HLS Employees

We’d like to welcome the 6 employees who joined HLS this April!

Jason Calieri

Assistant Director of Sponsored Research
Department:  Finance
Joining HLS from:  Harvard SEAS
Fun Fact:  I am a huge music fan and have played guitar since I was a kid.

Sam Hinds

Director of Communications
Department:  Berkman Klein Center

Stacy Goodwin

Director of Hospitality and Events
Department:  Event Scheduling and Support
Joining HLS from: Marriott International
Fun Fact:  When I was a teenager I danced onstage with Gene Kelly and Shirley MacLaine at the 100th birthday celebration of the Statue of Liberty

Hannah Oakes

Staff Attorney
Department:  Environmental and Energy Law

Kristen Zapata

Senior Manager for Program Delivery
Department:  Program on Negotiation
Joining HLS from:  Emmanuel College
Fun Fact:  I love listening to podcasts.

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