Although the vast majority of public interest employers will not begin to consider applications for post-graduate employment until the fall, we wanted to alert you to a few earlier deadlines of which we are currently aware:

Additionally, we wanted to clarify that the U.S. Department of State, Office of the Legal Adviser is not currently accepting applications for post-graduate positions. Though students are normally expected to apply by September 1 of their 3L year, no positions are currently available. Students interested in the Office of the Legal Adviser should check back at the link above after October 1, 2021, regarding any potential vacancies.

We encourage you to check the websites of your targeted employers, our [link_to id=135171 title=”Fellowship and Entry-Level Job Deadlines Feed”]fellowship and entry-level job deadlines feed[/link_to], PSJD, and the Arizona Handbooks’ Government Honors & Internship Handbook (password: thinmints) for application deadlines before you return to campus in September.

Remember that the bidding deadline for [link_to id=102023 title=”Virtual Public Interest Interview Program”]V-PIIP [/link_to] virtual interviews is August 23 and the bidding deadline for resume collection is September 8. If you would like your resume and/or cover letter reviewed in time to submit them by the bidding deadlines, submit your materials no later than August 6.