MIT class designed for entrepreneurs working on capturing opportunities in the FinTech space. Bring your idea and/or team or find both in class and advance it towards the final “Demo Day” in front of a group of investors. Backgrounds in Law, Technology, or Finance welcome! Each class we’ll welcome a speaker that will help you address your challenges and also illustrate the nuts and bolts of developing, investing, or acquiring a FinTech startup. (VCs, lawyers, and entrepreneurs). Apply for one of three roles: Founder (I have an idea I want to pursue), Joiner (I want to join a team and help that product launch), or Advisor (I want to use my expertise to help multiple teams in the class). Professor Matthew Rhodes-Kropf; Full fall semester course; Tuesdays 5:30-8:00pm. Send your CV, Transcript, and Statement of Interest to Rolling admissions.