The vast majority of Ghana’s working people labor in the agricultural sector. They face climate change, land consolidation, the absence and failure of protective laws, and more.  The result is the systemic deprivation of their basic economic security, as defined by human rights norms.

In this year’s Ghana Project, Harvard and University of Ghana clinical students will partner to launch a University of Ghana/HLS Agricultural Justice Clinic to target the key structural drivers of this problem.  The Clinic will strategically combine individual and class litigation, stake-holder education and organizing, implementation monitoring and law reform, policy analysis, and international human rights advocacy in its work.

To apply, send a 1-page CV and 2-page Statement of Interest directly to Professor Lucie White ( by Friday, October 13 at 5 PM.  Decisions will be made on a rolling basis through Monday, October 16, with the Wait-List closing on Friday, December 1 at 5 PM.  Contact Professor White with questions.