Public Problems: Advice, Strategy and Analysis

Public Problems: Advice, Strategy and Analysis

Judge David Barron, HKS Professor Archon Fung
Fall 2014 seminar
Th 4:00pm - 6:00pm in WCC Room 3012
2 classroom credits

This is a two-credit jointly taught seminar that is required for students in their third and fourth years of the HLS/HKS joint degree program. It will use a series of case studies to examine how to analyze, advise and strategize the resolution of a series of difficult real world public problems at the intersection of law and policy from the vantage point of government decision makers at the city, state and federal levels, as well as from the vantage point of nongovernmental organizations and advocacy groups.

Students enrolled at the Kennedy School who have already received a JD or have completed the first year of law school, or students at the law school who have received a public policy degree or are presently enrolled in a public policy program other than the HKS program may also take this seminar with the permission of Professors Barron and Fung.

Prerequisite: Instructor permission is required for enrollment. For students who want permission to enroll, please email Professors Barron and Fung by Thursday, August 21, expressing why you would like to take the seminar. Their emails are and

Note: This course is jointly-listed with HKS as DPI-562.

Subject Areas: Government Structure & Function, Disciplinary Perspectives & Law, Procedure & Practice