Hedge Fund Law and Regulation

Hedge Fund Law and Regulation

Mr. Manish Mital
Fall 2014 reading group
Th 5:00pm - 7:00pm in WCC Room 4061
1 classroom credit

Drop date: September 19, 2014 by 11:59pm EST

Provision of legal services to alternative investment funds and their managers, including advice concerning their formation, regulation, and management, is one of the fastest growing areas of financial legal practice. This reading group will provide an introduction to legal and regulatory issues faced by hedge funds and their managers. Through reading materials, course discussions, and guest lectures, students will gain insight into the perspective of fund managers, advisors to these managers and their funds, investors in such funds, those who transact with such funds, and those who regulate the fund industry. Specifically, this class will examine the history and background of the hedge fund industry and its current role in the global financial system; typical legal structures of hedge funds and their managers and the tax, regulatory and corporate rationales for them; the legal relationships between hedge funds and their investors and hedge funds and their counterparties; key investment strategies employed by large hedge funds and the legal issues related thereto; regulatory hot topics, including insider trading; and the future of the fund industry, its regulation, and its legal service needs. No examination or paper will be required for this credit/fail reading group.

Note: The reading group will meet on the following dates: 9/18, 10/2, 10/16, 10/30, 11/6, and 11/20.

Subject Areas: Business Organization, Commercial Law, and Finance, Regulatory Law